Cipher is an independent rap and hip-hop artist from Dallas, TX streamed in 85+ countries.

Born in California and raised in Texas, Cipher mixes his southern style with quick verses to deliver a listening experience like you’ve never heard. Cipher has been Featured on blogs such as InSpot Music and RKJ Music, and radio stations such as The Far Side and Nam-Radio. He has also been featured in major Spotify playlists such as 2020 Classics, Vibe Boost, Hip Hop – R&B/Indie, BEST HITS, Artists On The Rise, 24/7 TRAP, Discover Weekly, and Release Radar. His single ‘Make You Mine’ has over 300,000 streams across platforms and appears on 50+ Spotify playlists.

Cipher was deployed in the US Navy, has traveled the world, and has started and several businesses. He recorded his first song in 2006 on X-Box headphones.

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