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Deadline: November 30th

Release: Tunnel Vision by Cipher

Requirements: This song about how focused I get when I'm on my grind. I'm looking for cover art with a theme related to tunnels, tunnel vision, money, or a mixtape-like cover.

How It Works: A .jpg may be submitted with a watermark to protect your content. If you are selected as the winner, I will request the original source file. Photoshop .psd format is preferred but a .png file with layers is also acceptable. Post your submission with #Cipher on Instagram or Facebook and tag my account. Alternatively, you can submit via email to Info@CipherMusic.com

Title: Tunnel Vision
Artist: Cipher

"When it comes to the money, I get tunnel vision
If I can see the other end, then I'mma go and get it
There ain't a thing that's in my way, I mean there really isn't
So if it's mine, then it ain't up for discussion is it?"

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