Cipher Blowing Up - BTS

Cipher releases Behind-the-Scenes for the single Blowing Up

Blowing Up | Behind-the-Scenes (BTS)

In this video, Cipher gives us a peek behind-the-scenes. He explains the concept behind Blowing Up, opens up to the viewer, and even shares some of the challenges of shooting this video.

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Blowing Up

Blowing Up is inspired by Cipher’s real life experiences, particularly in relationships. Through the song,
he realizes distractions, such as his phone, pull away from the real meaningful experiences and
connections that are the core of those relationships. This reflects a daily struggle that almost everyone
has faced between commitments and obligations and quality time with loved ones. Cipher’s growth and
development into a balanced lifestyle through the lyrics of this song speaks with his audience on a real
level of everyday life.

Stay Tuned

Cipher has 6 more music videos already filmed, 20 records in the works, surprise features from various artists, and has new tracks slated for release every month!

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