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Cipher – Make You Mine (Official Music Video) | RnB R&B | 2020

'Make You Mine' is a slow song with an RnB / R&B vibe to it. In 'Make You Mine' Cipher reflects on a relationship where he is placed in the friend zone by a woman he is seeing. In the video we see their relationship progress through fun moments, awkward moments, and finally a realization from them both that they should be in a relationship together. 

Original Music Videos

Cipher – Parachute (Official Music Video) | Hip Hop Rap

Parachute is a hip hop single about a leap of faith by a man who is determined to break down the guards his crush has built up from past relationships. This leap leads them both free falling into a thrilling new experience.

Cipher encourages her to let go and to trust him to take care of her, using the safety of a parachute as an analogy. Like a parachute, he’ll be there to catch her when she falls. His lyrics perfectly craft the complexity of building trust into this adventurous metaphor, which is sure to resonate.

Blowing Up (Official Music Video) | Cipher

Blowing Up is inspired by Cipher’s real life experiences, particularly in relationships. Throughout the song, he realizes distractions, such as his phone, pull away from the real meaningful experiences and connections that are the core of those relationships. This reflects a daily struggle that almost everyone has faced between commitments and obligations and quality time with loved ones. Cipher’s growth and development into a balanced lifestyle through the lyrics of this song speaks with his audience on a real level of everyday life.

Cipher – You Don’t Own Me (Official Music Video) | Rap Hip Hop

"You Don't Own Me" is about not caring how other people perceive you. Doing your thing, whether they like it or not. He also speaks about his perspective that in this life, luxury stuff won't bring you real happiness. What matters the most is staying true to yourself. You will always be enough for the people that matter. Don’t ever doubt you and your craft! You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

Without Me (Official Music Video) | Hot New Hip Hop

The song 'Without Me' is based on an experience in corporate America, where Cipher had to make some tough decisions. In the Without Me music video, Cipher plays an Accounting Executive who attempts to convince the board of directors at Arthur Andersen to do what is best for their client in the long term, even if it is bad for the firm in the short term. In the video, the board of directors chooses to ignore Cipher's warnings and sacrifice their client's interests for their own. That's when Cipher decides to resign. When he does, senior leadership begs him to stay but he does not budge. In the final moments as he is walking out of the building, some of the employees decide to stand up and walk out with him when he leaves.

Cover Videos

Homicide (cover) | Cipher

Cipher kills this cover of Logic & Eminem's hit single Homicide!

Showcasing his speed & delivery, Cipher makes this track Homicide look easy. Shot in Denver, the Homicide cover music video give off dark vibes of black and red, appropriately chosen to play off of the title and theme of the song. Wearing just black shorts and a tank top, Cipher doesn't distract from his delivery with any unnecessary fashion pieces or accessories. 

Cover music video by Cipher performing a cover of Homicide. (C) 2019 Cipher Entertainment. Original song by Logic & Eminem.

Worth It (Cover) | Cipher

In this video, Cipher covers YK Osiris' hit song Worth It!

Cipher intentionally simplifies this video by recording it in his home studio and adding on-screen lyrics so that the viewer can follow along. This video shows Cipher's sometimes-relaxed side of his personality and gives the viewer a glimpse into his creative space. With blue and pink accent lighting, this video is full of good vibes all-around. Watch it. It's Worth It 😉

Music video by Cipher performing a cover of Worth It. (C) 2019 Cipher Entertainment. Original song by YK Osiris.

Sunflower (Cover) | Cipher

In his first ever cover video, Cipher chooses a simple and easy shoot at a nearby park for his cover of Sunflower.

This location provided some great shots of the landscape, trees, tall grass, and most of all, flowers! Although no sunflowers appear in the video. Can you spot the cotton that gets stuck to his hair mid-shoot?

Music video by Cipher performing Sunflower. (C) 2019 Cipher Entertainment. Original song by Post Malone & Swae Lee for the movie Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse.


Blowing Up – Behind-the-Scenes (BTS) | Cipher

In this video, Cipher gives us a peek behind-the-scenes. He explains the concept behind Blowing Up, opens up to the viewer, and even shares some of the challenges of shooting this video.

My Creative Process | Writing a Hook or Chorus | Cipher

In this behind-the-scenes type video, Cipher experiments in his home studio with a beat that he plans to use for an upcoming release. 

He has since finished this song and is planning a video shoot before the song's release in 2020.