Cipher’s single “Parachute” is taking off!

Cipher will be releasing a new single called ‘Parachute‘ on July 31st 2020.

The single is about a leap of faith by a person who is determined to break down the guards his crush has built up from past relationships. This leap leads them both free falling into a thrilling new experience.

Cipher encourages her to let go and to trust him to take care of her, using the safety of a parachute as an analogy. Like a parachute, he’ll be there to catch her when she falls. His lyrics perfectly craft the complexity of building trust into this adventurous metaphor, which is sure to resonate.

This record was produced by Kid Cozy, a talented freshman to the hip hop scene, and Denver’s own Switchboard Studios.

The single will be available on all major music streaming platforms. Pre-save it here!

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