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Discounts & Resources

Merch designed and modeled by me, Cipher. Hoodies, hats, shirts, bags, and more. A portion of all the proceeds from my merch sales goes to the Save the Children foundation. 

Everyone likes to save money. Below you'll find a list of some of the best tools & resources for artists, producers, and musicians. 

I've put together a few kits that include most of the hardware I'm using, as well as some kits that are great for beginners. 

Including: My Studio, My Livestream Kit, a Starter Studio, a Starter Livestream Kit, and Zero Waste products.

Imagine if you had one AI app to leverage several AI products in one User Interface (UI). Generate text, images, videos, voice, or code all in one app. Plus get wholesale pricing per request instead of paying for individual monthly subscriptions. Groove.AI plans to support OpenAI's suite of products like GPT, Dall-e, Code, Voice, Steamship, Google API, Movio API, Midjourney, and more. 

On Fiverr you can hire experts at a reasonable price. Their platform has experts on things like Artificial Intelligence, video animation, album art creation, mixing & mastering, audio engineering, and more. 

Guitar Center has been a leader in music gear and equipment for decades. If you're looking for some new gear, this is a great one-stop shop. 

Repurpose is a powerful social media scheduling and distribution tool. I have a few favorite workflows set up on here.

1. Post only on TikTok. Repurpose will post that video everywhere else (Instagram, YouTube Shorts, Facebook, & Twitter)

2. Schedule my social media posts. 

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