Trash Coffee Podcast - Episode 34 featuring Cipher

Trash Coffee Podcast Interviews Cipher

On the first day of the New Year, Cipher was already hard at work.

Trash Coffee Podcast interviews Cipher to learn where the name comes from, who some of his favorite artists are, how Cipher grew up, and what’s next for Cipher.

Watch the Interview Here

The Name

For Cipher, his name is significant for a few reasons. In hip-hop & rap culture a cipher, occasionally spelled ‘cypher’, often refers to a cyclical round of free-styling or rapping. Cipher grew up participating in ciphers, especially with friends Mulisha Beats and MVP.

Cipher’s songs often have hidden meanings and thus aligns with Webster’s definition

Cipher: a method of transforming a text in order to conceal its meaning


Cipher also has a background in technology and information security, which aligns with another definition where the key to decrypting ciphertext is the cipher itself

Cipher: the key to a secret method of writing


Growing Up

Cipher was born in California, raised in Texas and spent a few years living in Kansas. In this episode he shares some of his experiences from his time in the Wichita Children’s Home.

What’s Next

Cipher has been heavily focused the past year on creating content and has been dropping a new song every month since September 2019. He plans to continue this cadence in 2020, as well as build his team to help book out shows for the year.

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